Anyone contemplating making a submission to us should adhere to the guidelines given below. Failure to do so will certainly result in delay, and could easily result in summary rejection. Please note that these guidelines replace those that were in force up till September 2018.





  1. Prose authors may submit a manuscript at any time of the year. The press will endeavour to respond within 4 months.
  2. Authors should not send complete manuscripts in the first instance. Instead, they should send a synopsis of not more than 500 words as well as two chapters.
  3. Together with the synopsis and chapters, you should send a resumé or cv, which should list any previous publications.
  4. We cannot consider handwritten submissions, so please have everything typed or word-processed, on standard-size white paper.
  5. Except in special circumstances, all submissions must be sent by post. Do not attempt to send us anything by email unless you have obtained our permission to do so.
  6. All submissions, no matter where they are being sent from, should be sent to our UK office: The Waywiser Press (Submissions), Christmas Cottage, Church Enstone, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, UK, OX7 4NN.
  7. If you have not received a response from us within 4 months, please assume that your manuscript has not been accepted.
  8. We regret that submitted material cannot be returned, so do not send us anything you want returned to you, and do not enclose self-addressed envelopes, stamps or postage coupons.




  1. Until further notice, we regret that we cannot consider submissions from authors who already have two or more published poetry collections to their name.
  2. It is a requirement of eligible authors – i.e. authors who either haven’t already published a collection of poems or else have published a maximum of one – that they enter it for the press’s annual Anthony Hecht Poetry Prize, which opens annually on August 1st and closes on December 1st. Guidelines for submission to this contest are shown below, but anyone thinking about entering is advised to consult this website after August 1st, when full details are posted. In the meantime, further information about the prize is to be found by clicking on this link: The Anthony Hecht Poetry Prize


Anthony Hecht Poetry Prize Guidelines


(i) Format


  1.  Manuscripts should be a minimum of 48 and a maximum of 88 pages (the count to include poems and exclude back and front matter).
  2. Manuscripts should be typed or word-processed – preferably in 11-point type – on standard document size.
  3. Pages should be numbered consecutively, and a table of contents, as well as a list of acknowledgements (where appropriate), should be included.
  4. The author’s name and contact details (i.e. physical address, phone number and email address) should appear on the front page of the manuscript and nowhere else.
  5. No illustrative material should be sent.
  6. A list of previous poetry book, chapbook or pamphlet publications should be included, and with it a list of the magazines in which you have had poems published.
  7. Entrants may submit a manuscript elsewhere simultaneously, but should immediately notify Waywiser of its withdrawal from the competition if it is accepted for publication by another organization.
  8. Once submitted, a manuscript may not be altered, though the winner of the prize will be given the opportunity to revise before publication.
  9. Waywiser cannot accept responsibility for missing submissions.
  10. If the judge is not satisfied that a high-enough standard has been met, the press reserves the right not to award the prize in a particular year.
  11. The decision of the judge is final.
  12. Submission of a manuscript will be deemed to constitute acceptance of all of the provisions set out on this page.


(ii) Entry Fee


  1. US $27, or the equivalent in whatever currency your card draws on.


(iii) Submission Procedure


  1. Manuscripts should be submitted between one minute past midnight on August 1st 2018 and midnight on December 1st 2018.
  2. Only single file submissions can be accepted, so if your manuscript is stored in multiple files, they will need to be amalgamated before you upload.
  3. We can accept files in three different formats: Doc, Docx and PDF. Please do not lock the file you submit (i.e. make it impossible for us to print or cut and paste from it).
  4. You will need to have your credit or debit card or PayPal account details ready, since you will only be allowed to submit after the entry fee has been paid.
  5. When the submissions portal opens and you are ready to upload your manuscript, please go to Submittable
  6. If you wish to withdraw your manuscript for any reason, please contact us directly rather than using the submission manager. Entry fees cannot be refunded.