Peter Specker

Two poems from Peter Specker’s Mirrors

followed by a note on the author

Infinite Infinitessimals

In the infinity of what I think
pelletable to the smallest measure
within the field of compressible space
where atoms and their parts make tiny marks,
as light turned me on I’ve oft gotten off.



Beyond Numb

Outside, the concrete, the ground, minerals,
light, the running water and reflective
puddles, why even the forceful shadows,
consume the drug of not being alive,
and though some move, none are aware of it,
none take pleasure in their painless leisure.


Peter Specker was born in 1947 in Callicoon New York and since 1994 has published poetry as Twixt. He studied at Cornell in the 1960’s under Taylor Stoehr, Jonathan Bishop, Neil Hertz, Harold Bloom and AR Ammons. He has had poetry published in Margie, The Indiana Review, RE:AL, Pegasus, Subtropics, Quest, Confrontation, Rattle, Prairie Schooner, The Prairie Journal(Can), Stand (UK), Tulane Review, North Dakota Quarterly, Pennsylvania Literary Journal, Penmen Review, Blue Mountain Review, and many many others. His chapbook Less’ More may be found online at Azure magazine, His collection Mirrors is being published in 2021 by Pinyon Publishing. He is a Management Consultant and lives and works in Clearwater, Florida.